Message from Mr. Alvarado

March 16th, 2020 

Parents and students of Sabinal High School,

This message is to update each of you on the operation of our school amidst the COVID-19 virus.  Please be advised that the district has taken action to prevent the possible spread of this virus to ensure the safety of all stakeholders.  Everyone’s safety and health is the district’s top priority so rest assured that our maintenance department has taken extreme measures to thoroughly clean all district facilities including all classrooms.

As principal and as instructional leader, it is my duty to guide all teachers to maintain the delivery of viable educational and learning opportunities while all students are temporarily out of school.  Efforts to plan the most seamless instruction using various non-traditional methods of which all students are very familiar are well underway.  Fortunately, the majority of teachers on our campus possess a wide-variety of skills using instructional technology that will contribute to the district’s continuity plan that will serve the instructional needs of every student. 

In addition, I am responsible to maintain accountability for all involved.  As previously mentioned teachers will be fulfilling required expectations including contacting each and every family to verify attendance while students are home.  As stakeholders, parents and students will be responsible and will be accountable for fulfilling the following tasks: 

  • Provide verification of attendance by accepting and responding to phone calls, emails or Google Classroom posts regarding your student’s education and planned curriculum (see pgs. 25-26 of the Sabinal ISD Student Handbook regarding compulsory attendance laws)
  • Ensure that all contact information is updated and correct and you are asked to contact the school if a teacher has not contacted your home by Tuesday, March 17
  • Verify that students are completing assigned work through various platforms or methods provided by Sabinal High School teaching staff
  • Communicate academic needs in detail by requesting the mode of desired instructional delivery and directly address concerns during parent contact made by teachers and staff
  • Pick-up and drop-off of instructional materials organized by teachers should the desired delivery mode of instruction be paper or hard copy. 

Finally, help me thank our teachers for the efforts that have gone into addressing the obstacles that these conditions have posed.  I look forward to overcoming this great challenge in a collaborative and supportive way to ensure continued success for all of our students.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact my office at

(830) 988-2475 or via email at:



Steve Alvarado


Sabinal High School