Coach Rob Goebel

March 25, 2020
Subject: Coach Rob Goebel reinstatement as Athletic Director and Head Football Coach of Sabinal ISD
The Sabinal ISD internal investigation of Coach Rob Goebel has reached a conclusion. On January 31, 2020 Sabinal High School administration first received notice from a high school teacher that students had reported allegations of misconduct by Coach Goebel. The allegations were reported to CPS, and an investigation was conducted by the Texas Rangers. The Texas Rangers have concluded that Coach Goebel did not commit a crime, and no criminal charges will be pursued by the District Attorney. In collaboration with law enforcement, the District investigation did not substantiate that misconduct occurred based on interviews with numerous students, coaches and staff.
Coach Goebel was never charged or arrested and now he has been cleared of prosecution. In our continued efforts of transparency Sabinal ISD is announcing these facts from the outcomes of this multiagency investigation, and Coach Rob Goebel will return to work on March 25, 2020.