Elementary STAAR Writing

Dear Sabinal Elementary Families,

Next Tuesday, April 6th, our fourth grade students will take the STAAR Writing Exam. Please ensure that your child(ren):

• Get plenty of rest the night before
• Remain positive
• Eat breakfast
• Get to school on time the day of the test
• Understand that the test is important
• Are present that day at school. Please reschedule any appointments for that day
• Attempt to answer all of the questions and not to leave any blank
• Understand the importance of using time wisely. Students will have four hours to complete the test (unless they have other accommodations)
• Listen carefully to the instructions from the teacher and to read the directions and each question carefully
• Stay focused on the test, even if other students finish early. It’s not a race to see who finishes first!
I will send a reminder out again next week.

Please mark your calendar today, if you have a fourth grader.

Thank you!
Beth Brady
Sabinal Elementary School