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COVID-19 Cases UpdateCOVID Dashboard 10/01/2021

Sabinal ISD Updated Protocols for Students and Staff.

The attached protocols meet the newly released TEA health guidance.

Action Requested - Opt in for COVID-19 Testing for your Child

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Sabinal ISD has chosen to participate in Operation Expanded Testing, a program supported and funded through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to provide COVID-19 PCR testing to K-12 schools at no cost to the school. Participation in this program helps schools stay safer against the risk of COVID-19.
This program will help keep students in the classroom and prevent the spread of COVID-19 via weekly testing for students and staff. This program provides a team of highly skilled trainers who will guide all staff members to collect samples.
To opt in to the program for your child, please visit the following site: Assure Covid-19 Testing - Affinity Empowering (
Registration allows you to access your child’s testing results via Assure, an online technology platform. The process takes less than 5 minutes. For a short video guide on “how to” complete registration/consent and activate your child’s online account to view results: View Video Here:
If you would like a paper copy of the parental consent form, please contact your school.
Who administers the testing?
School staff manages the testing process. If students are old enough (13-17), they can swab themselves with adult supervision. Staff will perform the swab collection for younger children (3-12).
What type of test is being used?
Collections are done with a lower anterior nasal swab, a collection swab about the size of a Q-tip that is placed just into the lower part of the nose and swirled around 3 times to collect the sample. This approach is much more comfortable and is not the collection method where the swab is placed deep into the nose.
Testing is done using a Pooling method, which means that you will provide 2 samples. One swab will be combined with another specimen and is processed as one Pooling sample. The second swab will be kept as an individual specimen. The individual swab is only tested if COVID-19 has been detected in its Pooling sample. This dramatically increases the ability to test large amounts of people in shorter time frames.
How do I see my child’s results?
You will be able to see your child’s results within the Assure platform and the credentials you created at registration. For a short video guide on “how to” complete the registration View Video Here
Since testing is done via Pooling, if your child is part of a Pool that does not detect COVID-19, you will be notified that the Pooling sample was negative, and you will not get an individual result for your child. If there is a risk that someone in the Pool might have had COVID-19, every swab in the Pool will be processed individually, and you will receive their individual test result.
Within Assure, you can set up your account preferences to send you a text message or an email when a new result is available if you want; otherwise, we recommend logging into the system periodically to check results. Your school will also be monitoring results for all students to help make appropriate choices based on the results of testing.
Who has access to my child’s information?
The consent form indicates that test results can be shared with the school and appropriate federal oversight committees responsible for tracking and reporting COVID-19 cases. This includes Affinity Empowering and the lab, Eurofins, and any other laboratories used to process samples. The information received is the information you or your school provides to help identify the individual being tested. Neither Affinity nor the lab receives medical information from medical records, so we only have access to the information provided to us for the purpose of testing. Further information is outlined in the consent form.
If you have any questions, please contact Nurse Reyes at Please complete the registration before November 1, 2021. The goal is to start testing consented students and staff on November 1, 2021, and continue testing every Monday.
In Health,
Sabinal ISD