Welcome to Sabinal ISD Technology

Hi everyone!
My name is Howard Karre and I am the Technology Director for Sabinal ISD. The best part of my job is that I get to help our staff and students be successful with technology. Getting access to information quickly is a fact of life now and certain things like research used to take quite awhile to accomplish. You used to have to drive to a library or a book store so you could look through a manual card catalog or just browse the shelves hoping to find a title that might help you in your search. For a small project this might be a minor inconvenience and for a large project it could be quite an undertaking with multiple trips required to find all of the necessary information. Fast forward to today and many of us have a mobile communications device, several orders of magnitude more powerful than what put a man on the moon, in our pocket that has the power to search the worlds biggest database on the planet, the Internet. Now our problem is not getting access to information but rather being able to discern good information from bad information and good credible sources from ones that are not so good. The point is, technology can increase efficiencies in how we search for and compile information but it can't tell us which piece of information is true or even which one to reject. This is where our educators come in. It is up to them to teach the necessary 21st century skills so that our students learn how to solve problems by using critical thinking skills and creativity while working in a collaborative environment. 
I look forward to serving all of you in the Sabinal ISD family - Go Jackets!

Something that inspired me

Hackers book coverI just wanted to share this book with you all - Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution. It is by an Author named Steven Levy. He is a journalist and he has been writing about technology and its impact on society for many years. I am not sure when it was first published but I remember picking this up when I was about fifteen years old. To sum it up, this book covers many of the major players in the early days of the computing industry starting at places like MIT, Dartmouth, and Cal-Tech and leading up to the introduction of the first home computers and home video game systems. In this context the term "hacker" is not derogatory in that it was a word many of the people at the time used as a badge of honor as it denoted them as somebody who enjoyed "hacking" software or hardware to achieve a goal like creating the first home computer or programming a video game. The book is a who's who of the computer industry at the time and goes into detail over the creation of Apple computers with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and their eventual rivalry with Microsoft and Bill Gates. The book is a very enjoyable read and it is one of the things that inspired me to get into technology when I was younger.