Meet Ms. Rios

  • I am a graduate of Cotulla High School, and I have a Bachelors of English (with an minor in Education) from the University of Texas.
  • I am a life-long Longhorn fan, but I am very tolerant.
  • This is my 8th year teaching English Language Arts and related courses.
  • My biggest goal as a teacher is to teach students how to be okay.
  • Some of my favorite movies are Elf,  Lean on me, Shrek II, and Mean Girls.
  • My favorite hobbies are being humourous, making people think, and pretending that I can play stringed instruments and/or paint.
  • My biggest fears are being useless and spiders.
  • My biggest love is music.
  • One of my favorite quotes, today, is:
    "Come what come may, / Time and the hour runs through the roughest day (Shakespeare Macbeth Act 3 Scene1)."