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Elementary Red Ribbon Week!

Dear Parents / Guardians,

During the week of October 24th-28th, we will be participating in Red Ribbon and Bullying Prevention Week! Red Ribbon Week is a national celebration that promotes and encourages students to choose to be drug-free. During this week, students will be invited to dress up in fun ways that promote a drug-free lifestyle and ways to combat bullying. We will discuss the need to be drug-free and ways to prevent bullying during our weekly guidance lessons. Due to an alarming increase in accessibility and minors choosing to vape, we will also be discussing the dangers of vaping.

Another focus of the week is bully prevention. Students will learn how to help others that may be getting bullied and avoid bullying others.

We want students to understand that when we respect others and ourselves by making healthy choices, we are more capable of leading as caring, respectful, and active community members. We want to set our goals high to be the best we can be and show good character by staying drug-free.

We hope you all enjoy the dress up days, and we appreciate your support of our efforts to raise awareness to drugs, vaping, and bullying.


Mrs. Mann


Sabinal Elementary School

Please see the attached documents below for more details!

School to Home Connection - Conversation starters:

  • Drugs and alcohol affect your body in many negative ways.

  • Smoking and vaping can have serious health consequences.

  • What to do if someone offers you something that is dangerous, such as drugs or alcohol.

  • Bullying is never okay. If you see it, report it.

Due to the unregulated nature of these vaping devices and chemicals, SISD implements appropriate disciplinary consequences for any student that possesses, uses, or distributes a vape or vape product at school.

Parent Letter
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SES Red Ribbon Week 2022
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