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23-24 School Supply Lists Are Here!

The experience of shopping for school supplies at Sabinal ISD is not just a task; it's an exciting adventure that brings the entire community together! Parents eagerly embark on a journey to find the perfect items on the school supply list for their children, as they understand the joy and anticipation their little ones feel. It's a vibrant celebration where parents and community members unite, exchanging tips and recommendations, and creating a bond centered around their shared commitment to their children's education at Sabinal ISD. With every pencil, notebook, and art material carefully chosen, parents immerse themselves in the exhilaration of preparing their children for a year filled with knowledge and growth. It's a time when the community shines brightly, emphasizing the importance of education and supporting one another in ensuring that each child has everything they need to thrive at Sabinal ISD.

Sabinal Elementary School Supply List 2023-2024
Download PDF • 17KB

Sabinal JH & HS School Supply Lists 2023-2024
Download PDF • 220KB

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