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Sabinal ISD Passes School Intruder Detection Audit with Perfect Score

December 2, 2022

SABINAL, Texas - On June 1, 2022 Governor Abbott directed the Texas Safe School Center, in coordination with the Texas Education Agency (TEA), to develop and implement a plan to conduct random, unannounced, intruder detection audits to determine any school safety and security weak points in all Texas school districts and to determine how quickly the intruder could penetrate into

buildings without being stopped. The audit also included examination of each exterior door and

their individual security capabilities. Additionally, the audit examined interior doors and other

security measures used to detect or to respond to intruders inside the buildings.

On November 17, the Texas Safe School Center conducted their School Intruder Detection Audit

at Sabinal ISD. The “Intruder” was stopped by school personnel outside the rear of one campus,

thus defeating the intruder access to any facility. The Auditor then tested the school screening

process before being allowed into the school. Interior and exterior doors were checked for proper

security functionality, as well as active and passive security measures. Overall the audit did not

detect any safety or security concerns and the district received a 100% pass rate.

“Long before the tragic events on May 24, 2022, Sabinal ISD has been vigilant in our efforts to

keep our schools safe and secure for our students and staff with numerous layers of defense from

an intruder. Our district has been a leader in conducting annual meetings with local, county and

state First Responders to ensure proper communication and reaction if a situation were to occur

in our schools” stated Superintendent Richard Grill.

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